Water softening is something a lot of people understand because they have needed a softener their entire lives. For many others however, a water softener is a foreign concept and not something they have ever had to shop for. So, for people new to this area, new to water softeners, moving to a different water supply, or switching from a municipal water source to a private well, the water can come as quite a shock. We often hear it described as “awful”, “terrible” and “unlivable.” After a quick internet search, they discover it’s time to shop for a water softener. With so much contradictory information out there it may seem impossible to determine fact from fiction. At Integrity Water Solutions our approach is to give homeowners the information they need to feel educated and confident in making the best decision for their home & family.

Here are some common falsities you may hear and why they are untrue.

  1. Water Softeners Are Unnecessary For Municipal Water Homes.

Municipal water, or city water, is treated by a municipality for safety and drink-ability but not all treatment plants soften their water. In fact, even the ones that do still have enough hardness in the water to require a water softener to protect your home from the damaging effects of calcium & lime build-up.

  1. You Can Soften Water With A Salt-Free System.

While it would be ideal to not have to carry heavy salt bags or remember to fill your salt tank, this is another commonly misunderstood topic. Without the use of water softener salt you cannot remove the hardness from the water. These systems can, in some cases, prevent some hardness from adhering in your pipes. However, the water hardness is unchanged and no different coming out of the pipes as it was going in. This leaves for a disappointing shower, stiff laundry and wasted money.

  1. Softened Water Leaves Skin Slimy And Soap Won’t Wash Off.

We hear this a lot as a complaint against softened water. The truth is, with no hardness in the water clogging your pores and building up on your skin, the “sliminess” you feel is your skins natural oils lubricating your skin and allowing you to get cleaner. As a bonus, soft water reacts easier with soaps allowing you to use half as much as you would with hard water.


To Be Continued…


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