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Exceptional Water, Exceptional Service. Our commitment to our customers is what sets us apart.

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It’s the Whole House Approach that really sets Integrity Water Solutions apart from the rest! We understand your need to improve not only the working water used in and around your home, from showering to protecting your fixtures, plumbing and appliances but also purifying the water you cook with and consume.

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Integrity Water Solutions is known around the Dayton and Cincinnati area for its dedication to solving water problems, our commitment to improving your life with better water and customer satisfaction.

With over 65 years water treatment experience and a comprehensive line of water treatment products, our certified, trained and friendly water professionals are dedicated to helping you determine what solution is best for your family, custom fit to your home.   You can count on us to treat your water, your home and your family with Integrity!

The Kinetico Difference

Since 1970, Kinetico engineers put their very best thinking into innovative developments and removing nearly every contaminate from water. Our ultra-efficient water softeners powered by the force of moving water instead of electricity, are industry leaders in ion exchange technology. But we didn’t stop at water softening, our drinking water systems and specialty water filters achieve incredible rates of filtration-equal to or greater than 99.99% micro-biologically pure.

With brilliantly designed technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Kinetico has grown from a two-man undertaking into a leader in the water treatment industry throughout the United States and in over 100 countries around the world.

Love your Kinetico Water?

Soft Water Hand Foam Wash | Integrity Water SolutionsAt Integrity Water Solutions, we let our satisfied customers speak for us. It is our honor to earn your recommendation! For each one of your referrals that purchases a system from us, we will send you a check for $50.

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Our Customers Know Us Best

“If not for you, I would still be living with disgusting water. Thank you for such great ‘Customer Service’ and ‘Professionalism.’ But, most of all I must thank you for the lasting impression that the Kinetico team made on my husband. The drinking water alone is worth every penny & tastes better than bottled water! My friend is filling her water bottles at my house!”

Jeff & Debbie B. of New Paris

“The Kinetico difference…ALWAYS having soft water, feeling clean after taking a bath or shower. And, it regenerates automatically.”

Gerry E. of Miamisburg

Our last Kinetico lasted 35 years!

William & Martha S. of Beavercreek

A Kinetico System is a MUST with our high iron well water. Softens the water AND pulls the impurities out. Love it!

Chris K. of Springfield

Always friendly and helpful. Super Saturday Salt Sale is a great way to save. Thanks Integrity Water Solutions.

Monty C. of New Carlisle

I’ve had a Kinetico whole house chlorine filter, water softener, and RO unit for about 6 years — love it!! Uses a lot less salt than our old softener. Our dog won’t drink non-RO water when we are at home! The folks at Integrity Water Solutions are friendly and they are great on the phone if we have a question.

Diane T. of Beavercreek

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