From the Desk of the Working Mom aka The Office Receptionist

                We all hear about the benefits of drinking and using purified/softened water for us big people, but what about for the half pints? Water is something we use so often, its commonplace, but if you really think about all the ways your water touches your children (no pun intended) you may think twice before filling up that next baby bottle from your tap.

As a wannabe super mom with a coffee addiction and constantly overflowing laundry bin, I have admittedly taken on too many projects. But, if you are anything like me and have good intentions to give your kids all the best, you may find yourself in the same predicament. From my first morning coffee, to my homemade baby food, to washing my finger paint covered three-year old, water has many uses in my day. Reading my water report was something I’d always chosen to avoid, ignorance was indeed my bliss. Now, being in the water business I had no choice but to face the shock and awe of what is actually in our water. Don’t get me wrong, your water is “safe” and “drinkable” but is that good enough for our children?

Call me a water snob, but my life is forever changed by my Kinetico system. Soft water allows me to clean half as often and use less products when I do. Every baby bottle, pot of boiling water, and spaghetti stained t-shirt is free of harmful contaminates. My children’s baby soft skin is softer, clothes are cleaner, and I don’t have to worry about buying distilled water for baby bottles, because the water at my sink is even better. Not to brag, but my coffee tastes better, too. And, because of Kinetico’s non-electric twin-tank design I never have to worry about resetting timers or running out of soft water unexpectedly. We have enough to worry about, scratch “water” off your never-ending  to-do list with Kinetico, today!