“Our water is TERRIBLE!”  “The water here is really AWFUL!” “I’ve got the WORST water EVER!” Being in the water treatment business, I hear customers complain about their water all the time.

When I go out on a Customer Care follow up appointment after a recent install, I love hearing people so excited to share with me the difference in water quality they experience with their Kinetico softener! “I just can’t believe how GREAT my water is with our new Kinetico system!”  and “You wouldn’t BELIEVE how much better / different the Kinetico soft water feels than the soft water from the electric system I had before!”

No doubt, people LOVE their Kinetico water! Why does Kinetico water feel so much better / different than treated water provided by the typical one-tank electric conditioning system you may have had experience with, researched or seen before?

Due to Kinetico’s unique on-demand, metered two-tank design, you and your family (and your appliances and plumbing!) are treated to consistent, continuous, uninterrupted, whole-house filtered, clean soft water, even during the regeneration cycle.

This is something that the traditional one-tank softening system simply cannot provide. For the new Kinetico customer, the days of “Boy, I used to be able to tell when the softener needed to do its thing because the water felt better one day than it did the other” is no longer the quality of water they experience. It’s virtually impossible to run out of softened water; even when you have company, even if you work 2nd or 3rd shift, even if you do all your laundry and clean on Saturday, and yes, even when it’s doing ‘its thing’!

With a Kinetico system, you’ll go from complaining that you’ve “got the worst water ever” to telling all your friends “I LOVE my Kinetico water!”

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