Chlorine is used in water distribution systems as a means of disinfection. Evidence of chlorinating public water supplies has been traced back to the late 1800s. It has long been proven as the most effective method of prevention against the spread of waterborne illnesses and disease. The chlorination process supplies millions of people safe drinking water to their homes. But, did you know after the water reaches your home the chlorine is no longer necessary?

 While chlorine disinfects our water systems it can also react with certain organics found in water and create potentially harmful byproducts, some of which are not tested for, monitored or controlled by any governing body. Chlorine also creates an odor and taste in water that many find displeasing and even offensive to their senses. It also affects the taste of foods you cook.

Chlorine is not only unfriendly to drink and cook with, it is also drying to hair, skin, clothing and appliances. Important rubber parts on appliances and fixtures become dried and damaged by long-term exposure to chlorine. This damage can lead to expensive repairs and leaks. Much like those, your hair and skin are dried by chlorine and clothing is faded, as well. The minimum recommendation of free chlorine in a public pool system is 1 ppm (part per million), but we test higher levels in homes in our area every day. Would you want to bathe and wash your clothes in pool water? Perhaps you already are.

Many people believe that their refrigerator’s built-in filter is their safe guard against needing any products to protect and purify the water they drink and cook with. Unfortunately, while this may be removing some of the chlorine from your water, it is not a purification system. In fact, we find that, when not changed at the recommended interval, these filters can actually harness more impurities and produce worse readings for TDS (total dissolved solids) in your water than your tap!

Luckily, removing the chlorine from water is easy to do. Kinetico makes many options for removal from point-of-use systems that treat your drinking and cooking water to whole-house chlorine removal. Our representatives can tell you how much chlorine is in your homes water supply and make recommendations for removal based on your particular concerns and budget.

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