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What’s In Your Pet’s Water Bowl?

Is Tap Water Making Your Furbaby Sick?

The tap water in your pet’s water bowl can affect the health of your dog or cat, especially if they’re susceptible to urinary infections. That’s right. There is a correlation between hard water and urinary health issues in pets, states the webzine Dogs Naturally, based on the study by Trupanion, a veterinary medical insurance company.

After noticing a high number of claims for urinary issues in both cats and dogs, in fact, a 40% higher infection rate in cats than dogs, Trupanion studied the correlation between water hardness and pet urinary health across the United States.

Hard water is dissolved rock, and anything over 10.5 is considered “Extremely Hard” water according to the Water Quality Association. This study indicates the likelihood for a pet to suffer from a urinary tract infection or crystalluria (painful urinary crystals) in areas of the country that experience extremely hard water. The Dayton, Miami Valley and Cincinnati areas all experience Extremely Hard Water.

It makes sense then, to say that the hard water that causes build up in pipes and plumbing, wreaks havoc in appliances and corrodes fixtures could adversely affect your pet’s health.

So what else is in the tap water that may have an effect on the health of your pet? Fluoride!

Your pet is exposed and affected by the fluoride added to tap water. Besides the obvious, the water bowl, fluoridated water is used in the making and processing of commercial pet food, especially pet food containing bone meal or chicken byproduct meal. This means your furbaby could be exposed to dangerous levels of fluoride over time.

Fluoride is linked to chronic gastric disorders, bone cancer and other bone issues. The damage from too much fluoride is cumulative, irreversible, and can lead to skeletal fluorosis, a debilitating disease caused by a buildup of fluoride in the body, often misdiagnosed as arthritis.

Well that’s certainly scary, especially to those that think of their dog or cat as a member of the family! The Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis system offers a convenient way to remove many worrisome contaminants found in tap water, including E.coli, lead, arsenic and pesticides to name a few, providing plenty of safe, delicious, peace-of-mind drinking water for all your family members to enjoy!

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