Performance and value for basic water problems and applications.

Integrity Water Solutions Water Softener Sink

Kinetico has packed the power and ease of non-electric operation into a single-tank water softener. Essential Series systems will handle basic water conditions without the need for a timer, clock or computer. Thanks to its sleek, compact design, it's the perfect solution where a more robust system isn't really necessary but reliability is.

Essential Series® Highlights

Integrity Water Solutions Kinetico Essential Series Water Softener

Save Time and Money

Kinetico Essential Series water softeners operate using water power, not electricity. No more clocks, timers, setting, adjusting or repairing. This is the simple solution. Essential Series water softeners regenerate in a fraction of the time it takes other water softeners to come back into service. Essential Series water softeners include the patent-pending AccuDial feature, allowing a fine-tuned calibration that is like having a water softener specifically designed for your home, minus the custom price. As with other Kinetico water softeners, these water softeners monitor your water usage and regenerate (clean themselves) only when necessary, saving you time, money and energy.

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Integrity Water Solutions Kinetico Premier Series Water Softener

Kinetico Premier Series® non-electric water softeners are powered by moving water and have multiple tanks for continuous soft water, even during regeneration. These high-flow systems are comprised of multiple tanks, so you’ll have a continuous supply of soft, clean water.

Integrity Water Solutions Kinetico Signature Series Water Softener

Kinetico Signature Series® non-electric, dual tank water softeners provide soft water all the time, at an economical price.

Integrity Water Solutions Powerline Series Water Softener

Our electric, single-tank option is for those who prefer a more traditional method of softening water. These systems require a bit more attention from you, but they get the job done.

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